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About Chris Patterson
A new year of the Ultimate Callout Challenge means returning competitors and new ones. We’ll be going over each driver to help you, the enthusiast, better understand who is entering, their background, and what they are bringing to the table. Our next competitor is a returning one and he goes by the name of Chris Patterson.

Chris has competed in a multitude of events where he has made a name for himself on the dyno. Chris’ bright green Ram has surpassed that 3,000-horsepower mark on dynos but he hasn’t done it at UCC. Yet. Like our other competitors, we had a few questions for him heading into the 2023 event.

When asked why he entered into this event, he simply said it was what needed to be done. “The Ultimate Callout Challenge is just the next level of competition. From where I was, this was the next step and we’re going after it again,” he said. “Also, apparently only the dyno counts.” Although the dyno does reflect a lot of points, it does take a complete package to place high in the rankings come Sunday.

One may ask, what is it like competing at the highest level? Well, for Chris, it’s simple. “It is very dramatic and very expensive,” he said. “We have learned a lot competing with this truck, but we have implemented changes moving forward to hopefully help us in the future.” Chris is right. To have a truck that can compete at the highest level and survive is not an easy feat. If it was, everyone would do it.

“The driving force for our team is to prove to everyone that anything is possible. Our sport is, in my opinion, a dying breed. We need to get as many new people involved as we possibly can. Plus, the internal push for better results. It’s what grows the sport.”

Through it all, the speeds, the elapsed times, and even the 3000-horsepower mark, Chris’ biggest accomplishment is outside of that. “The biggest accomplishment for me is the business I’ve built around a truck that is doing things it shouldn’t be doing. The results are the truth.” Heading into UCC 2023, as we wrap up the final part of 2022, what would you say your expectations are for the next year?

“I plan on daily/street driving this truck as I have been. However, we are going to give UCC one more ride. After this coming year, we are going to retire the green truck from competition use.” With that in mind, since this is going to be “green’s” final hoorah, you’re going to be fully prepared and ready, right?

“Nope,” Chris said. “We are going into it like we always do. 100% last minute and behind schedule. We don’t know any other way.” Regardless of how he does it, we are excited to see his truck at the event and competing on the industry’s biggest stage. That being said, Chris took the time to recognize some of the important people that keep this build together.

“I want to thank a lot of people. My wife, Kaley, first and foremost. Without her, I would be nothing. Flux Diesel Injection, Don, and April Morrison have believed in me and helped in every way possible since the beginning. Phil at Diesel Performance Converters, since 2013 when I started, he’s been involved in it all. When it came to sled pulling, Dan and Phillip at Valair Clutches have always stepped up with tips and tricks. Matt at Santjer Performance Development providing a proprietary input shaft for the 48RE transmission has been a game changer for this program. Lastly, Optilube Oils. Sean Conk has been an amazing asset to have for this program. Their amazing race oil has majorly improved our engine program, especially with a filled block on the street.”

Chris’ best passes on the dragstrip are 5.46 at 131mph (1/8th mile) and 8.78 at 153mph (¼ mile).

We are excited to see the big green truck pull into the lanes in Indianapolis in just a few months. We know he’s got the package to do it but can he put it all together for the final Ultimate Callout Challenge ride? Find out at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indy.