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About Dan Lee
A new year of the Ultimate Callout Challenge means returning competitors and new ones. We’ll be going over each driver to help you, the enthusiast, better understand who is entering, their background, and what they are bringing to the table. Our next competitor is Colorado’s own Dan Lee.

Dan has always been a supporter of the diesel industry and has followed many, many events throughout the years. Being around it long enough, inevitably, he’s wanting to make it to the next level with something of his own. “I’ve decided to accept and compete in the Ultimate Callout Challenge because I’ve always loved the idea of the Diesel Power Challenge,” he said. “Since that isn’t around anymore, this is as close as it gets and we’ll just have to play with the big boys.”

For those that are wondering, Dan isn’t a newbie when it comes to wheeling something with power. In fact, he competed in our UCC qualifier back in 2018. “I’ve been competing for years. When we were kids, we would spend evenings drag racing and I’m partial to sled pulling,” he said. “I’ve got more experience in the sled pulling but I know my way down a race track.”

As far as accomplishments go, they are in progress. Dan claims his biggest accomplishment is going to be the build itself. After he lost his father a few years ago, he decided to build it back in his memory. “I always told my dad that we would build it together,” he said. “This build is unique and I’m looking forward to showcasing it in front of the industry.”

Expectations are high for this build. Although his last build used in the qualifier worked, he wants to do it up better. “The goal is to have fun, learn a lot, and drive it back on the trailer when I’m done,” he said. There is no route on how things are going to go. At this time of questioning, it is just a matter of getting it ready to go. Let’s get to Indiana and go from there!”

Dan’s support system is close to home. He thanks his wife, his kids, and everyone who has helped him along the way which includes ATS. Be sure and stay tuned where we will give updates on his in-progress build. It is a 1967 F-250 body, 2004 chassis, and axles, and a 5.9L Cummins powerplant backed by a 4R100 transmission.