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About Robby Garcia
Robby Garcia, despite not having the performance he wanted in 2022, is coming back with his head held high. He joined the Ultimate Callout Challenge competitor list looking to push his truck’s limits and make it a memorable experience. He’s been watching from afar and reading about this event for years and thought it would be cool to compete himself.

His experience with UCC so far has been exciting but if he could put one word on it, it is expensive. “Competing at the highest level is none other than expensive, he chuckled. “It has been dope and I plan on getting better and better as we go.” Before UCC, like a few other newer competitors, Robby’s experience in competition is some drag racing, All Truck Challenge, and King Of The Streets.

Thus far, Robby has taken a truck that was on a big lift kit and turned it into a much lighter and faster machine. This has been his biggest accomplishment. “Putting four link suspension on the front and rear of this truck was a task and it has paid dividends. It is much lighter now and it looks to work much better, too.”

As for 2023 expectations, like most, he wants to hit that elusive 2,000 horsepower mark. He’s close and he’s confident. “It’s coming”, he said. “I’ve got some custom forged JTX wheels and custom floaters for the dyno event. I cannot wait.” We know he has the recipe to churn that type of power out, he’s just got to put it all together.

We’re seeing a trend for the UCC competitors when it comes to pre-UCC routines. There isn’t one. It’s shred until race day, bring what you have and pray you brought enough. Like many, Robby is no different. “We don’t have a routine. We are always changing the setup to put down more power, but we’re hoping we’ll have some sort of routine heading into the event. It’ll be crunch time once we get the truck back from Firepunk in January. We’ve got some goodies in the works that are just waiting to show out!”

Robby has a full support team that includes his wife, Cody Gilbert, Firepunk Diesel, Exergy Performance, RKG Roofing & Construction, and Bareknuckle Diesel. “I have to thank my wife, first and foremost. Luckily, she hasn’t strangled me for spending vast amounts of money on this project. Secondly, Cody Gilbert with Bareknuckle Diesel. He treats this truck as if it is his own and he works late nights after hours to make sure it is ready for competition. All of the guys on my race team that go with me to events, it wouldn’t be possible without them. Also, everyone at Firepunk Diesel that has had a hand in this truck. They really have helped this truck fly.

Although Robby has a recipe for seriously fast elapsed times, his best so far is only a 6.45. However, he’s confident going into his second year that this is the year that it will go down. Only time will tell and we can’t wait to see what it is going to do. Head over to the Ultimate Callout Challenge website now to get your event tickets now!