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Cody Hopkins

Cody Hopkins

Fastest Drag Time
Highest Horsepower
Longest Sled Pull
UCC Competitor

Cody Hopkins


After a 10th place overall finish in his rookie Ultimate Callout Challenge experience in 2017 Cody Hopkins and his Destructive Diesel team are looking forward to moving up in the overall rankings for the 2018 event. Hopkins and his small team ran into a few issues that kept the truck from reaching its full potential, but they persevered and completed each of the three grueling events. On the drag strip they managed a best ET of 11.565 seconds down the famous 1/4 mile track then delivered a peak of 1,105 horsepower to the rollers on the chassis dyno the next day for respectable finishes. They struggled a little more on the pull track on the third day of UCC competition finishing with a 255-foot pull in the second hook.

During the 2017 effort the truck was fully dressed competing at full weight like any other CCSB Dodge Ram you’d find on the street or in the parking lot with the additional weight of the roll cage, turbos and more. For the 2018 UCC competition Hopkins is focusing on weight reduction to be more competitive on the drag strip. The team will also focus on sled pulling preparation in an effort to drag the sled much further this time around.

Hopkins’ Dodge is powered by a 6.7L Cummins that he claims is closer to a performance street engine rather than a full blown race engine but it still get the job done quite nicely. Internally the Cummins sports a set of Carrillo rods to prevent the pistons from exiting the block. It is capped with a ported head to improve the airflow into and out of the engine and supports a trio of BD Diesel 74mm turbos set up in a compound configuration. To keep up with the airflow a pair of FASS 220 pump and filter systems deliver fuel from the fuel cell to a pair of BD Diesel 12mm stroker CP3 high pressure pumps. In 2017 Hopkins was using the highest flow BD Diesel injectors available and he is looking to run even larger injectors to make more power in 2018.

The engine is backed by a BD Diesel TrackMaster 48RE transmission to handle the Cummins power and UCC abuse. It is configured with a full manual valve body so Hopkins can select the best gear for every situation while he attacks the track and the competition whether he is on the track, dyno or the dirt.

In addition to his shop and small crew from Destructive Diesel Hopkins also receives sponsorship and support from BD Diesel and Calibrated Addiction to compete in the UCC. The little team from Colorado hopes that their issues are behind them and looks to perform well next time they come to Indianapolis for their sophomore Ultimate Callout Challenge at the Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis on May 4th-6th 2018. We look forward to seeing Hopkins on the track once again and are eager to see if he can improve on the 10th place finish from 2017.