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Jesse Warren

Jesse Warren

Fastest Drag Time
Highest Horsepower
Longest Sled Pull
UCC Competitor

Jesse Warren


Competing with a 6.0L Power Stroke engine under the hood may seem like a disadvantage but Jesse Warren and his Warren Diesel Injection team competes at the highest level taking on all comers with the most powerful 6.0L Power Stroke on the planet. Warren started diesel drag racing and sled pulling in 2009 then entered the Diesel Power Challenge in 2015 (finishing in 3rd place overall) but wanted to play with the big boys and stepped up to the Ultimate Callout Challenge for 2016 and 2017. He was the highest finishing Ford Power Stroke truck each year with a 6th place overall finish in 2016 and a 5th place overall finish in 2017.

Warren’s Crew Cab 2006 Ford F-350 is powered by a filled 6.0L block that houses a factory crank swinging a set of Wagler Competition Products billet rods and custom Diamond Pistons through the cylinder bores. While building the engine the WDI crew custom ported a set of 6.0L cylinder heads to cap off the Power Stroke engine then added a set of 9mm 760cc injectors along with a custom high pressure oil system to deliver plenty of fuel to the engine. They also custom built a compound turbo setup with a Bullseye NLX 475 and Wimmer 4.4 HX82 to give the engine enough air to make tons of power. The engine has delivered over 1,600 HP on fuel only and propelled the truck to a best pass of 10.01 seconds at 144 MPH in the 1/4-mile with the full bodied 7,600-pound truck. The potent 6.0L engine is backed by a Firepunk-built 48RE Dodge transmission with a CO2 actuated ratchet shifter.

The Warren Diesel Injection crew consists of guys from WDI as well as other shops that specialize in 6.0L Power Stroke performance. They banded together to push the performance of the 6.0L to help counter the bad rep that the engine has developed over the years. The WDI team is backed of course by the Warren Diesel Injection shop and has also received support and sponsorship from Colt Cams, Diamond Pistons, Firepunk Diesel, Vibrant Performance, Wagler Competition Products and Wimmer Fuel Injection to put together and compete with one of the baddest Ford’s on the planet. With the new and improved setup that Warren is planning to debut at the 2018 Ultimate Callout Challenge the team hopes to break the 2,000 HP barrier on the dyno while finishing as the top truck not just the top Power Stroke.

We can hardly wait to see what their new setup entails and are certainly looking forward to see a 6.0L break into the 2K HP realm. On May 4th-6th 2018 when the teams rumble to life at the Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis we’ll get the chance to see this team of Ford faithful push their truck farther into the record books at the 2018 UCC!