• Ultimate Callout Challenge 2024

Shawn Baca

Shawn Baca

Fastest Drag Time
Highest Horsepower
Longest Sled Pull
UCC Competitor

Shawn Baca


Shawn Baca is without a doubt one of the best known names in the diesel performance world. His trucks Master Shredder and Master Shredder 2 have been the highest chassis dyno horsepower trucks on the planet for the past several years. In the past two Ultimate Callout Challenge events he has spun the dyno rollers to the tune of more than 2,400 horsepower and over 3,200 lbs-ft of torque each time they strapped Master Shredder 2 to the SuperFlow chassis dyno. During other competition runs he has put down as much as 2,375 HP on fuel only and 2,571 HP with a nitrous oxide assist. With numbers like that it is no surprise that Baca is undefeated in UCC dyno competition and could very well three-peat in the dyno competition at UCC 2018.

As the lead engine technician at Industrial Injection, Baca knows his way around a diesel engine and obviously knows how to make good power especially with a Cummins powerplant. The engine in his truck is a 6.7L Shredder Series engine with all of the necessary internal modifications and upgrades to handle extreme power levels and come back to fight again and again. He configured the engine to receive a high boost intake charge from a triple turbo compound setup. To keep up with the triple turbo setup he uses a triple Industrial Injection XP CP3 array with large underdriven pulleys from Beans Diesel Performance to keep from overspeeding the pumps at high RPM. The XP CP3 pumps deliver tons of fuel to a set of Industrial Injection Top Fueler injectors that precisely inject large volumes of fuel into each cylinder. The Shredder Cummins engine is backed by a B&J 4-speed transmission to handle the power while providing quick shifts and low parasitic loss.

With all of that power most would expect Baca’s truck to be one of the fastest out there, but he and his team have struggled to put the power to the ground in a way that translated into quick ETs. In the 2016 UCC he finished in 15th place with a low 11-second run while things slowed down a little bit with teething pains from a new transmission in 2017 that lead to a 19th place finish with a low 12-second pass. Since then the team has dialed in the truck better and have posted a best 1/4-mile ET of 9.49-seconds at 149 MPH giving the team high hopes for a good finish on the drag strip in 2018.

At the inaugural UCC Baca pulled the sled more than 300-feet to cap a 3rd place overall finish, but problems with the new transmission led to a poor performance on the pull track in 2017 despite the addition of cut tires for better traction. Despite winning the dyno once again poor finishes on the drag strip and pull track left him in 13th place overall. No doubt Baca and his Industrial Injection team look forward to redemption in 2018 with the help and support of sponsors including Aeromotive, ARP Fasteners, Beans Diesel, CP-Carrillo, Diamond Pistons, FASS Fuel Systems, Hamilton Cams, Hardway Performance, Nitrous Express, Pure Diesel Power, RKL Diesel, Schmidt Body and Paint, Trend Performance, TS Performance, Valair Clutch and Yukon Gear & Axle they look to rebound and finish well in each event on the way to what the team hopes in their first Ultimate Callout Challenge overall championship. We know Baca has the power to be the top dog, but can he control it and put it to the ground on the dragstrip and in the dirt to earn the coveted overall win? We look forward to finding out when the rubber hits the track, rollers and dirt May 4th-6th 2018 at the third annual Ultimate Callout Challenge!