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Zach Fuller

Zach Fuller

Fastest Drag Time
Highest Horsepower
Longest Sled Pull
UCC Competitor

Zach Fuller


Zach Fuller and his 2005 Chevy Silverado 3500 Dually are somewhat of an anomaly in the UCC and diesel performance world where most have gone smaller and lighter to go faster, Fuller and his team of friends, family and industry insiders has stayed the course competing with the massive 7,800-pound crew cab long bed dually. He has been competitively drag racing and sled pulling the truck since 2007 and 2008 respectively taking home multiple wins in drag racing, sled pulling and even dirt drags.

Fuller is also a two time Ultimate Callout Challenge competitor finishing 7th overall in 2016 and suffering through some issues but still finishing 8th overall in 2017. During the 2016 UCC in Salt Lake City, Utah Fuller and his dually finished in 13th place on the dyno and on the drag strip with more than 1,600 HP and a low 11-second pass. Then on the pull track the dually was in its element finishing in 3rd place with a 360-foot pull early on that held up as the longest hook for most of the night. Then in Indianapolis for the 2017 UCC the team had high hopes before gremlins crept in and slowed their progress. Even still, he finished 9th on the drag strip with a low 10-second pass before suffering transmission and cooling system issues on the dyno at only 1,400 horsepower when they know the engine is capable of much more. Then they limped their way to a 14th place finish on the pull track after a rear axle shaft snapped under the load. They plan to bring back the same truck with basically the same setup for 2018 now that they have ironed out the bugs and the team expects to perform much better in 2018.

The foundation for the “BIG BLU” Dually is a Wagler Competition Products built 6.7L Duramax V8 with all their special-sauce mixed in to be capable of delivering well over 2,000 horsepower. Fuller designed a compound triple-turbo system that uses a pair of Precision Turbos over a Garrett high pressure turbo to deliver tons of boost on demand yet maintain streetable performance since he does still drive the truck on the street on a regular basis. Cassidy Munson fabricated the turbo setup. The potent Duramax is backed by an Allison transmission that was built by Limitless Diesel to handle the monster Duramax and the massive weight of the big race truck.

Fuller’s UCC team is also unique since each team member comes from a different shop/specialty (some aren’t even diesel guys) that came together to push the limits on a massive truck than no one expects would be able to go fast like it does. In addition to support from his own shop StarLite Diesel as well as support and sponsorship from Cassidy Munson, FASS, Industrial Injection, Jarid Fuller, Limitless Diesel, Mike Mikstas, Overtime Motor Works, Tom Hansen, Vibrant and Wagler Competition Products. The StarLite Diesel team hopes to break 2,000 HP on the UCC chassis dyno and expects to continue their progression on the dragstrip while redeeming their effort on the pull track. Could Fuller and his dually be the top finishing Duramax? Only time will tell and we are all looking forward to seeing the big blue dually blast down the track on May 4th-6th 2018 at the third annual Ultimate Callout Challenge!